Hifu treatment

$650 - $850

/ 1 hr session.
Facelift and Scar reduction
4D HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) targets underlining skin levels including the SMAS (muscle layer) at the right energy and temperature to tighten, lift and strengthen for more youthful-looking skin.
4D HIFU uses focused ultrasound far beneath the top skin layer to promote the body’s own collagen production, for skin tightening and lifting. It is a great alternative to surgery as it can reach the muscle level only surgery could. Moisturises and creams cannot penetrate to the deeper levels that HIFU can, especially down to the muscle level which will help lift and tighten. It is a relatively painless procedure requiring no surgery or anaesthetic.
Up to a 25% difference can be seen straight after the treatment with full results continuing up to 12 weeks as the body reproduces its own natural producing collagen. Results last 1 -2 years. Most people only require one treatment but another top-up treatment can be done in 4 months’ time.
Smaller treatments are also available for 
  • Jowls and double chin – to get a sharper jawline and remove double chin – $900
  • Eyes Forehead and cheeks – remove under eyes, crows feet and frown lines – $1200 
  • Stomach – reduce stretch marks and tighten skin – $1000

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